The most sought after bust line is still strapless. A brides most common worry – “If the dress doesn’t fit properly, will I be tugging on it all night?”

Brides worried about going strapless generally fall into two areas. The brides that are not well endowed fret they won’t fill out or hold up the dress. In contrast, the large-busted brides worry they will fall out during a night of dancing.

Most brides do not realize that your dress is held up from the waist. The inner construction and boning supports the top of your dress. Therefore it is critical to have a tight fit around your waist area. Many designers cut to fit a standard “B” cup. If you are above or below this, then you may want to request specialty measurements to ensure a better fit. We build to the bust, so we can accommodate brides that are smaller or larger than the standard cup size.

If the designer you choose cannot add your cup size,  then you may have to look at alternative options such as to have the neckline raised, the cup opened to a larger size, or both.

One thing to remember: “ in a strapless gown, the laws of nature do not permit you to dance with your arms fully extended in the air”.